I think that the infant is suffering from Neonatal Abstinence


I think that the infant is suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, NAS. This occurs when an infant was exposed to drugs while in the intrauterine environment (Hisley, et al., 2015). I believe the newborn is suffering from NAS because the mother has had an addiction to opiods in her past pregnancy. Although she denies using during this pregnancy, the infant is showing hallmark signs and symptoms such as irritability, vomiting, and constant moving and sucking. Labs that can be ordered to confirm my suspected diagnosis include a urine test, meconium stool, and a hair specimen. The urine test is something that would need to be done immediately, while the meconium stool test and hair specimen can be done up to three days after birth (Hisley, et al., 2015).

Interventions that can be implemented to treat the infant include providing the infant with a quiet and dark environment. Infants suffering from NAS are irritable and struggle to sleep, so this will decrease stimuli and promote sleep. Depending on the NAS score, comfort may be provided to the infant by holding and gently rocking to provide safety and comfort.

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